About Wimbledon Furniture

Wimbledon furniture LTD is a privately-owned family ran company founded in Wimbledon in 2012 by husband and wife James and Iris Thorpe


Specialising in the sourcing and restoration of the finest leather seating in the world along with 17th through to 21st-century wood furniture.


We stock every single piece needed to fill homes and offices at all price points from £20 up to £100,000 each. We try to make sure we have something for everyone no matter the budget, making Wimbledon furniture a one stop shop for all your needs.


We have worked with and supplied furniture to many top organisations such as Royal Ascot, Ralph Lauren, the Thai embassy, along with numerous five-star hotels, historic castles, and palaces around the world.


We have the largest selection of fully restored antique seating in the world. We usually have around 1000 pieces listed for sale at any one time, and have around 200-300 pieces going through the restoration process. If you can’t see what you like, please feel free to send me a picture or description and I’ll see what I have in stock.


All the best James & Iris Thorpe

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