Antique Furniture and DIY

At Wimbledon Furniture, we are dedicated to making sure you get the vintage furniture that you love at the excellent quality that you need. All our furniture has been renovated and restored to its best self, ready to bring new life and character to your home. We know amazing furniture when we see it, and it’s our job and privilege to source and restore exquisite furniture to satisfy the excellent taste of our customers at great prices.

Buying antique furniture gives you the freedom to style your living space in any way that you want. Not only are antique and vintage pieces one of a kind, they are also adaptable pieces perfect for any size or style of home. Whether you’re looking to collect similar pieces and style them together or if there’s one item in particular that’s taken your fancy, antique furniture is excellent in that it can be worked into the style of a room in all kinds of different ways. Whether you are all about vintage or not, antique furniture can be used to create a stylish contrast to other more modern pieces in your home. Here at Wimbledon Furniture, we know that our furniture is the perfect answer for anyone who is looking to transform their home into a more inspiring and stylish place to live.

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