Antique Furniture

If you’re looking to add some intrigue and historical beauty to your home with furnishings, you’ve come to the right place here at Wimbledon Furniture. Our wide selection of varied antique furniture is sure to delight antique lovers from all walks of life, offering a unique focal point within any home.

We have antique record player cabinets, antique sofas and chairs, antique light fittings – pretty much anything you can think of that comes under the realm of antique furniture – which is why we’re one of the best antique suppliers in Wimbledon.

There’s nothing worse than visiting a friend or family member’s house, only to discover that you have matching sofas or dining room tables. By opting for antique furniture from Wimbledon Furniture, you can ensure that your home is furnished with refreshingly one-of-a-kind items that can be passed down to future generations as heirlooms. Not something you’re going to get from a household name such as IKEA or

Contact us today to discuss any of the antique furniture we have listed here at Wimbledon Furniture. Whether it’s an antique mirror, or a beautiful solid teak antique desk chair; we’re happy to run you through the item’s background and how to best maintain it following your purchase.

As antique dealers with a wealth of experience in the industry, we’re more than happy to offer advice or inspiration when it comes to styling these wonderful products within your home.

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