From a young age, we all have experience of collecting things, whether it’s pretty shells and pebbles from the beach, filling up sticker books, or playing pogs in the playground. Though not everyone will understand, these objects become precious to you. They become a part of you and your identity.

When you present your collection, you may be met with fascinated faces, whether impressed by the sheer amount you have collected, or sharing in the same passion you have. However, as you become an adult, most of us will clear out these memorabilia, viewing these collections as childhood clutter, and at the very best representing good memories.

What changes when looking at antique collectables, is that it is about quality, not quantity. Whether you’re after signed photographs, rare books, or boxes, cases, and other unique items, the key is that these are statement pieces that offer your home something unique. They are not items to cram into as much space as you have, but pieces that become talking points, and things that connect to what is important to you as an individual.

Signed Photographs

If you take this black and white print of Joe Frazier with Muhammed Ali, with original signatures, the frame speaks for itself. The buyer will view each as a “legend”, and more than the object, they would be buying a piece of history to inspire them whenever they see it on their wall. Again featuring Muhammed Ali, another signed photograph for the Henry Cooper fans, is one depicting a knocked-down Ali.

Rare Books

For book lovers and history-buffs alike, Wimbledon Furniture stocks extremely rare finds that would be worthy of prime position on any bookshelf. This Sterling Silver Oxford Common Book of Prayer by Horace Heart is dated back to 1906. As well as the adorable cherub front cover, the pages are golf leaf tipped, and features oxblood leather bounding. For those who love writing as much as reading, there’s also this sold sterling silver Asprey London Writing Pad Holder and Pencil, from 1928. In excellent condition, it still has its original paper pad, with gold leaf tipped edges. It’s almost too good to use, but in perfect working condition!

Pandora’s Box

We have a great collection of boxes and cases for multiple purposes. One that is steeped in a painful history and takes you right back to the time, is the 1904 HMS Titanic Cigarette Case, featuring the iconic image of the ship on its water, existing now in a tragic dramatic irony of its history. Fit with original silk lining, this stamped leather-bound box contains a set of six Liberty London 1929 Sterling Silver Knives, with hammered handle finish. A set of a different kind comes in the form of this Art Deco Pink Enamel Vanity Brush Set, again dated from the 1920s.

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