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Wimbledon-Furniture is delighted to offer for auction this exceptionally rare antique Asian hand carved Pagoda cabinet with silk tapestry lining

Please note the delivery fee listed is just a guide, it covers within the M25 only, for an accurate quote please send me your postcode

There are around 50-100 high definition super-sized pictures at the bottom of this page

There are some pieces of furniture that are so well made, elaborate and rare that you simply have to buy them, that’s what this piece represents, it is an absolute tour de force of craftsmanship, every single square inch is hand carved, there are birds and dragons and flowers and writing and everything you could possible want to see in a piece of this type

The inside back board has a silk lined and stitched tapestry, in its own right this is a highly desirable and collatable piece of art work

I work with furniture full time and look at thousands of pieces every month, I have never seen anything like this before, it looks to resemble a Buddhist temple of worship, the carving looks chinese to me and it most likely was made as part of the export era

The cabinet has quite a few pieces, all the large carved dragons on the ends of the roof come off, the roof separates into three sections, the main body is one piece and then you have the base with the legs is another piece

We have cleaned waxed and polished it from top to bottom, there are some small timber cracks here and there as you would expect based on the age, there is allot of sun discolouration under the sections which would have been kept in the shade

I can have the cabinet fully restored to include being lightly stripped back, stained all the same colour and French polished or wax finished, for a quote kindly ask


Height:- 224cm

Width:- 158cm

Depth:- 115cm

Please note all measurements are taken at the widest point, if you would like any additional or specific measurements please ask

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Please view the very detailed pictures as they form part of the description around condition

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Please note vintage period and original items such as leather seating will always have natural patina in the form of cracking creasing and wear, we recommend regular waxing to ensure no moisture is lost, also hand dyed leather is not recommended to sit in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time as it will dry out and fade   



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Delivery time can take two to three weeks depending on the courier’s routes for the above mentioned countries The price listed is just a guide, please contact us for a quote before buying, if you have your own courier or wish to book the collection in yourself we are happy to accommodate you

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Chinese Dynasty